Bloordale Community Cleanup – Saturday, November 7 at 11 am

On Saturday, November 7, we are going to pitch in and clean up our local parks and alleyways.


We will meet at Susan Tibaldi Parkette, on Margueretta St, just north of Bloor at 11 am.

This event is family friendly, so bring the kids, meet your neighbours, and let’s clean up our neighbourhood! Bags, gloves, snacks, and coffee will be provided. Bring your garden tools (rakes. shovels, spades).


Bloordale Laneway Crawl — Sept 27, 2 pm to 6 pm

The Bloordale Laneway Crawl is coming your way! On Sunday, September 27 from 2 pm to 6 pm, The Laneway Project will partner with the Bloordale BIA, the Bloor Improvement Group and the Bloordale CIA to transform Bloordale’s laneways into positive, safe, and fun spaces for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy!


The Bloordale Laneway Crawl has three components:

Fun, participative, pop-up activities on the properties beside the laneways (things like art workshops, music jams, pickup sports and more)

A garage mural program, in partnership with the STEPS Initiative, that will see artists painting beautiful murals on up to 8 garage doors

A laneway route that connects it all together

You can take an active role in creating positive change in these underused neighbourhood spaces! Visit the site ( to learn more about the event, and fill out the proposal form to offer your garage or backyard as an activity location, nominate your garage door for a mural, or lead an activity. Submit your proposal by September 13.

Bloordale Community Garage Sale 2015 — Thank-you!

The 2nd Annual Bloordale Community Garage Sale on Saturday June 13 was a huge success. The delicious BBQ at the foot of Emerson Ave was a crowd-approved popular addition, as was the mural painting in the laneway at Susan Tibaldi Parkette. More than 40 homes participated, making this the biggest community garage sale ever in Bloordale!

The BCIA organizing committee would like to thank all the wonderful neighbours who participated. And special thanks to the eager folks on St Helen’s for joining in. This fun, family-friendly annual event now seven streets strong!

We welcome all suggestions for next year’s Community Garage Sale 2016. Kindly post your ideas below — we’d love to hear from you! You can also reach us at, and feel free to follow us on Twitter at @BloordaleCIA.

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2nd Annual Bloordale Community Garage Sale & Laneway Crawl: Saturday June 13th

The votes are in for the 2nd Annual Bloordale Street Sale & Laneway Crawl and the winning date is…Saturday June 13, 2015. The rain date is set for Saturday June 20, 2015. Here’s the poster (pdf): BLOORDALE GARAGE SALE POSTER 2015 FINAL

New Bitmap Image (4)

Marketing Effort: We need volunteers to print and post the attached poster in coffee shops, laundromats, basically everywhere. Word of mouth is very effective, so mention it to friends, relatives and of course your neighbours! Feel free to make liberal use of Twitter, blogs, Craig’s List, Kijiji.

If you have questions about this event, interested in volunteering, or want to learn more about other Bloordale CIA initiatives, please email

Oh, and let’s have fun!

TDSB Approves Trustee Stiles’ Motion to Consider Bloor‐Dufferin Land as “Community Hub” Site

TDSB Keynote Photo

For Immediate Release April 16, 2015

Toronto – The Toronto District School Board last night approved Ward 9 (Davenport) Trustee Marit Stiles’ motion to have TDSB‐owned properties at Bloor‐Dufferin be developed as a “Community Hub” site. The Toronto Land Corporation (TLC) will be developing a proposal and feasibility study over coming months, and will report back to the TDSB. The community, City, public school boards and others will be consulted and have opportunities to provide input.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our community and our schools,” said Trustee Stiles. “Residents and families made their concerns about the sale of the land clear, and we now have an opportunity to address community needs while at the same time creating exciting opportunities for our students. Now we need everyone to come together ‐‐ the City, the Province, other school boards, families and community – to make this work.”

The TDSB recently expanded the mandate of the TLC to pursue redevelopment projects and opportunities to create community hubs. To meet this new mandate, the TLC Board has identified the Bloor‐Dufferin site as an opportunity to engage all interested parties – the City of Toronto, Province, community agencies, residents and other school boards – in developing the site from a community hub perspective.

Other levels of government are also making community hubs a priority. In her 2014 mandate letter, the Premier of Ontario directed five Ministers to participate in the development of community hubs, including the Minister of Education. She also announced that school boards should advance community hubs and assembled an Advisory Group. The Mayor and Chief Planner of the City of Toronto have also asked that the City to be involved in any decisions regarding closure or sale of TDSB land, to ensure community needs are being met.

In December 2013, the TDSB declared 7.3 acres of the 10.4 acre parcel of land at Bloor‐Dufferin to be surplus and directed the TLC – a wholly owned subsidiary of the TDSB – to sell the land in accordance with provincial regulations governing the sale of school board land. In 2014, community members organized a number of meetings to express concern with the potential sale.

Trustee Stiles is hosting a community meeting tonight at 7pm at Bloor Collegiate Institute to brief the community and seek input on the ‘principles’ that should guide the proposal.

“This is a great, accessible location in a part of our city that has a shortage of daycare spaces, recreation facilities and seniors services, among other things. I believe we can and must use our public assets to provide community benefit while meeting the needs of our students and the capital needs of the TDSB.”

For more information, please contact: Trustee Marit Stiles 416‐992‐4356

2nd Annual Bloordale Spring Clean-Up Day – April 19th, 11 am

UPDATE: April 22, 2015
We want to thank everyone who came out to help clean up the neighbourhood. We all prevailed against the wind and cold.
See you all May 2nd for the official opening of Ana’s office and the May Day events at Brock and Bloor!
We invite you to join us on Sunday April 19th for our 2nd Annual Bloordale Spring Clean-Up Day! Let’s get our parkette, gardens and laneways tidied up after the thaw and before the 2015 Bloordale Garage Sale & Laneway Crawl!
Please meet us at Ana Bailao’s new office at the NW corner of Bloor and Margueretta. Gloves and garbage bags will be provided. This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and help develop our community as we get Bloordale in tip-top shape!
Click here for a video of our 2014 Fall Cleanup
This is a family-friendly event, so please bring the kids! And please bring a rake or a garden spade if you have one, they may come in handy!
Delicious treats complements of the BCIA and hot beverages from Haven.

2015 Bloordale Community Garage Sale / Laneway Crawl

jutta and deb

Hello Bloordale Resident,

Do you have a toaster, bicycle, vinyl records or an old computer taking up valuable space in your garage or basement? Are you keen on meeting your neighbours, but can’t find the time? Then why not get your stuff together and participate in the 2nd Annual Bloordale Community Garage Sale!


Back by popular demand, once again Bloordale residents are invited to join in and make this year the biggest community garage sale this city has ever witnessed!

Pick one or more of the following dates. For each date selected, please indicate whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice. When done, hand-deliver your completed form to 33 Emerson Ave. Alternatively, you can email your list to

Please ensure that you submit your list by Wednesday April 8th!!! The winning date and rain day will be announced Friday, April 10.

June 13, rain date June 20th…..( )1st ( )2nd ( )3rd
June 20, rain date June 27th…..( )1st ( )2nd ( )3rd
June 27, rain date July 4th……..( )1st ( )2nd ( )3rd

Your street address: ________________
Your email address: ________________ (if you want to receive updates!)

ATTN: Volunteers are desperately needed. We need help with posters before the event and signage on the day of. If you can lend a hand, please indicate on your submission. And if you’re internet savvy, feel free to make liberal use of Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Craigslist and Kijiji.


Venda de Garagem Comunitária Bloordale 2015

Olá Residente da Bloordale,

Tem uma torradeira, bicicleta, discos de vinil ou computadores velhos que estejam a ocupar espaço valioso na sua garagem ou na sua cave? Tem vontade de encontrar-se com os seus vizinhos, mas não consegue arranjar tempo para o fazer? Então porque não junta as suas coisas e participe na Venda de Garagem Comunitária Annual da Bloordale!

De volta a pedido de muitos, uma vez mais os residents da Bloordale estão convidados a participar e fazer deste ano a maior venda de garagem comunitária que esta cidade já viu!
Escolha uma ou mais das seguintes datas. Para cada data seleccionada, por favor indique se é a 1ª, 2ª ou 3ª escolha.

Após completar, entregue o formulário no 33 da Emerson Ave. Ou então, pode enviar por email a sua lista para o

Por favor assegure-se que faça a entrega das suas escolhas até quarta-feira, dia 8 de Abril!!! A data vencedora e a data alternative em caso de más condições atmosféricas para o evento será anunciada sexta-feira, dia 10 de Abril.

13 de Junho, data alternativa 20 de Junho_( )1º ( )2º ( )3º
20 de Junho, data alternativa 27 de Junho_( )1º ( )2º ( )3º
27 de Junho, data alternativa 4 de Julho__( )1º ( )2º ( )3º

A sua morada: ___________________________
O seu endereço de email: ___________________(se quiser receber informações ou avisos!)

NOTA: Necessitam-se urgentemente de voluntários. Nós precisamos de ajuda com cartazes antes do evento e com sinalização no próprio dia do mesmo. Se nos puder dar uma mão, por favor indique no formulário que entregar. E se é habilidoso com a Internet, esteja à vontade de utilizar o Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Craigslist and Kijiji para promoção do evento.

2015 Bloordale Laneway Crawl

The Laneway Crawl will temporarily repurpose three Bloordale laneways (marked on the map) as space for recreation, gathering and community. The event will transform our laneways for the afternoon and turn them into pedestrian space, where local residents, businesses and organizations can lead free activities for neighbours and visitors – things like an outdoor art gallery with the Toronto School of Art, a fashion show with the Bloor-Gladstone Library, a barbecue, a sidewalk chalk zone and more.

The Laneway Crawl will take place on June 13, 20, or 27, at the same time as the Bloordale Community Improvement Association’s Community Garage Sale. Before that, The Laneway Project will lead an ideas charette and brainstorming session as part of the May Day celebration on Brock Avenue on May 2. Come out and let us know what activities you’d like to see at the Laneway Crawl!

The Laneway Crawl irá temporariamente redireccionar a utilização de três vielas na Bloordale (ver mapa) num espaço recreativo, juntando a comunidade. Este evento irá transformar as nossas vielas durante a tarde num espaço para pedestres, onde os residentes, negócios e organizações locais podem liderar atividades livres para vizinhos e visitants – atividades como uma galleria de art exterior com a Toronto School of Art, um espetáculo de moda com a Bloor-Gladstone Library, um churrasco, um espeço para desenhos em giz no passeio e mais.

The Laneway Crawl irá realizer-se no dia 13, 20 ou 27 de Junho, na mesma altura da venda de garagem da vizinhança do Bloordale Community Improvement Association’s. Antes disso, o Projecto The Laneway irá liderar uma colecção de ideais e uma sessão de debate como parte da celebração do May Day na Brock Avenue no dia 10 de Maio. Venha e diga-nos quais as atividades que gostaria de ver no The Laneway Crawl.