TDSB Approves Trustee Stiles’ Motion to Consider Bloor‐Dufferin Land as “Community Hub” Site

TDSB Keynote Photo

For Immediate Release April 16, 2015

Toronto – The Toronto District School Board last night approved Ward 9 (Davenport) Trustee Marit Stiles’ motion to have TDSB‐owned properties at Bloor‐Dufferin be developed as a “Community Hub” site. The Toronto Land Corporation (TLC) will be developing a proposal and feasibility study over coming months, and will report back to the TDSB. The community, City, public school boards and others will be consulted and have opportunities to provide input.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our community and our schools,” said Trustee Stiles. “Residents and families made their concerns about the sale of the land clear, and we now have an opportunity to address community needs while at the same time creating exciting opportunities for our students. Now we need everyone to come together ‐‐ the City, the Province, other school boards, families and community – to make this work.”

The TDSB recently expanded the mandate of the TLC to pursue redevelopment projects and opportunities to create community hubs. To meet this new mandate, the TLC Board has identified the Bloor‐Dufferin site as an opportunity to engage all interested parties – the City of Toronto, Province, community agencies, residents and other school boards – in developing the site from a community hub perspective.

Other levels of government are also making community hubs a priority. In her 2014 mandate letter, the Premier of Ontario directed five Ministers to participate in the development of community hubs, including the Minister of Education. She also announced that school boards should advance community hubs and assembled an Advisory Group. The Mayor and Chief Planner of the City of Toronto have also asked that the City to be involved in any decisions regarding closure or sale of TDSB land, to ensure community needs are being met.

In December 2013, the TDSB declared 7.3 acres of the 10.4 acre parcel of land at Bloor‐Dufferin to be surplus and directed the TLC – a wholly owned subsidiary of the TDSB – to sell the land in accordance with provincial regulations governing the sale of school board land. In 2014, community members organized a number of meetings to express concern with the potential sale.

Trustee Stiles is hosting a community meeting tonight at 7pm at Bloor Collegiate Institute to brief the community and seek input on the ‘principles’ that should guide the proposal.

“This is a great, accessible location in a part of our city that has a shortage of daycare spaces, recreation facilities and seniors services, among other things. I believe we can and must use our public assets to provide community benefit while meeting the needs of our students and the capital needs of the TDSB.”

For more information, please contact: Trustee Marit Stiles 416‐992‐4356


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