2nd Annual Bloordale Community Garage Sale & Laneway Crawl: Saturday June 13th

The votes are in for the 2nd Annual Bloordale Street Sale & Laneway Crawl and the winning date is…Saturday June 13, 2015. The rain date is set for Saturday June 20, 2015. Here’s the poster (pdf): BLOORDALE GARAGE SALE POSTER 2015 FINAL

New Bitmap Image (4)

Marketing Effort: We need volunteers to print and post the attached poster in coffee shops, laundromats, basically everywhere. Word of mouth is very effective, so mention it to friends, relatives and of course your neighbours! Feel free to make liberal use of Twitter, blogs, Craig’s List, Kijiji.

If you have questions about this event, interested in volunteering, or want to learn more about other Bloordale CIA initiatives, please email bloordalecia@gmail.com.

Oh, and let’s have fun!


5 responses to “2nd Annual Bloordale Community Garage Sale & Laneway Crawl: Saturday June 13th

  1. What is a laneway crawl?

  2. It’s about opening up unused spaces to the public. Here’s a link for detailed information: http://thelanewayproject.ca/aboutus/

  3. Are the yard sales in the alley only or on the street side as well?

    • Hi Peter, Thanks for getting in touch with us. We have no rules governing that and we predict yard / garage sales will happen for the most part on street properties. That said, 2 weekends ago a neighbour had a garage sale in their garage! Btw, the laneway crawl has been scaled back this year due to some technical issues, however there will be a handful of artists creating murals on tagged garages. Hope to see you there!

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