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You can reach us by email at or Twitter, @BloordaleCIA.


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  1. Trees: Bloor CIA and Bloordale new trees – suggestions/information re Bloor CIA program to help. Maple trees having difficulty, concern about survival.

    Three species of trees were planted along Bloor. The Elm and Locust trees are very doing well. However, the Maples trees appear to lack water. Urban Forestry is doing its best to water all trees, but assistance would be very beneficial. If Bloordale CIA, individual businesses, residents and the BIA are willing to water the new trees (especially, the Maple trees, see photo), this would be a BIG help to guarantee their survival. (Urban Forestry suggests watering the trees twice per week with 2 piles of water (5 gallons) if no rain is scheduled.) Again, Urban Forestry is watering the trees, and any assistance would further benefit the new trees.

    Other Tree news

    – Urban Forestry in on-site today to complete all outstanding matters before the festival.
    – Urban Forestry will remove the 2 dead existing trees at Dufferin (next to school); New trees will be installed once all locates are marked – a few are missing.
    – 2 dead trees near New Horizons are private trees. Therefore, Urban Forestry can not remove dead trees on private property. BIA can request member to address this issue.
    – The top-soil in the new tree pits are settling. Urban Forestry will add more soil as needed.



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