Bloordale Fall Cleanup a Success

After our successful spring cleanup, I thought that it would be nice to get the grounds ready for winter with a fall cleanup. Apparently we were just in time, as we were hit with below freezing temperatures and snow just a day after the cleanup!  A big thank you to all of the neighbours, friends and local representatives who came out on November 15 to help us clean and prepare for winter.  We picked up garbage from the parkette, surrounding streets and alleyways. We raked, collected leaves and mulched the tree beds.  Most importantly, we came together as a community!

Neighbours met at Susan Tibaldi Parkette to begin our fall cleanup.

Neighbours met at Susan Tibaldi Parkette to begin our fall cleanup.

Armed with hot beverages and fresh cookies, we were ready to work! Much effort went into picking up garbage and raking leaves in the parkette.



Neighbours racking and collecting leaves in the parkette.

Neighbours raking and collecting leaves in the parkette.

BCIA members Judy and Dan helped prepare the new trees for winter by clearing the garbage from the base and adding some fresh mulch.

Judy and Dan mulching the tree beds.

Judy and Dan mulching the tree beds.

Local MPP Cristina Martins and representatives from Counsellor Ana Bailao’s office came out to lend a hand.

MPP Cristina Martins doing her part!

MPP Cristina Martins doing her part!

Just a few of the friendly faces that came out to help.

Just a few of the friendly faces that came out to help.

A special thank you to Haven for supplying the beverages and Through Being Cool for the cookies. Thanks to Judy, Thomas and Dan from the BCIA for the help in planning the event. Finally, a thank you to Counsellor Ana Bailao and MPP Cristina Martins for supporting the event and our organization.

We hope to see you out at our next community event.

– The Bloordale Community Improvement Association



Bloordale Fall Cleanup

2014-11-07 15.26.25

We invite you to join us next Saturday for a neighbourhood fall cleanup!  Let’s get the parkette, gardens, and laneways tidied up before the snow begins to fall!

We’ll meet at Susan Tibaldi Parkette on Margueretta St, just north of Bloor at 10 am and work until about noon.  This event is family friendly so please bring the kids!  Bags, gloves, and coffee will be provided.  Please bring a rake or a garden spade if you have one, they may come in handy!

A great opportunity to meet your neighbours, local leaders, and develop community as we get the neighbourhood in tip-top shape going into the winter!

See you there!

Bloordale Adopt-a-tree Initiative

2014-07-10 18.02.58

Good news: we have new trees!

Unfortunately, their survival is not guaranteed.  However, with the community’s help we can give them a fighting chance.

How can you help?: Adopt-a-tree and look after it yourself or with your family and friends!

What do they need?:

1) Water! Lots of water! At the moment, city crews are watering twice a week (the minimum requirement).  Ideally, the base of the tree above the roots should be slightly damp and cold to the touch below the mulch at all times or it needs water.  Liza Lukashevsky (owner of the Nuthouse on Bloor) was kind enough to compile a list of businesses that will allow us to use their water.  They are listed on the Bloordale Tree Google map at the end of this article.

2) Mulch. There’s a pile of free mulch on Brock south of Bloor at Food Share.  Mulch keeps moisture in the soil longer, suppresses weeds, and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.  Mulch should surround the tree in a doughnut formation, not piled against the trunk (this can cause rot and kill the tree).  The trunk should be uncovered down to the root flare (the point where you can see the roots beginning to flare out) and not higher.  Use your hand to gently peel back soil and mulch from against the trunk of the tree to correct this.

3) Litter pick up & weeding.  Try to keep the area around the base of the tree free from litter and cigarette butts.  Weeds compete with the tree for water and nutrients and the butts and litter affect the ph level of the soil and can harm the tree if not removed.

Thank you for your contribution to this important initiative! When the trees mature, they will have a profound positive impact on the neighbourhood and our daily lives.

Below is the Google map I’ve created to help coordinate our efforts.  Listed are the tree locations & species, available water locations, and the mulch pile location near Foodshare on Brock.  I’ve added the names of the neighbours or businesses that have agreed to care for a tree to the corresponding tree on the map.  If you notice any errors or would like to make an update,  I have made the map editable by anyone with access to the link or you can email me (Dan) edits at and I’ll update it.

Map link: Bloordale Tree Map


Further reading and related articles:

Green Here, a local environmental group, has an online tree care guide that’s handy and easy to read:

About the Bloor St trees & challenges faced by boulevard trees in big cities:

LEAF (local enhancement and appreciation of forests) tree tenders course (highly recommended for anyone interested in improving their local tree canopy.  Nearly free and offered quarterly):




Bloordale Street Sale 2014: A Whopping Success!

The 1st Annual Bloordale Street Sale on Saturday May 31st was a whopping success. A big “THANK YOU” to all the wonderful neighbours who participated, and special thanks to the Bloordale CIA for getting the word out.

If you have suggestions for next year’s neighbourhood-wide Street Sale, kindly post a comment below — we’d love to hear from you! You can also reach us at

kid made signjutta and deb2014-05-30 23.47.18 (2) getting to know the hood street sale   20140531_140116


1st Annual Bloordale Street Sale

The votes are in for the 1st Annual Bloordale Street Sale, and the winning date is…drum roll please…Saturday May 31, 2014. The rain date is set for Saturday June 7, 2014.

We need volunteers to print and post (responsibly, of course) posters around the neighbourhood. If you’re interested in receiving an electronic copy of the poster, or if you have questions or ideas, please contact: Also, to help spread the word about this amazing event, feel free to make use of Twitter, blogs, Craig’s List, Kijiji.

Let’s have fun!


Thanks to all who made our clean up a huge success!

We would like to extend a huge “thank you” to all the community members and local political representatives for coming out and making our community clean up event a big success!  We look forward to making this an annual event.  Many pounds of litter were removed from our local parkette, streets, and lane ways in a few short hours last Saturday morning.



Neighbours Tash and Judy picking litter on Margueretta St.


Thanks to our local Tim Hortons, we had forty cups of donated coffee to keep us caffeinated!

Local Toronto City Councillor Ana Bailao and her team brought their tent to protect us in case of rain.  Ms Bailao and staffer Michael Vieira hung around and chipped in with the clean up effort, too!


Michael and Councillor Bailao chatting with constituents.


Local MPP Jonah Schein and MP Andrew Cash came out as well.  Thank you both for participating and supporting our efforts!


MP Andrew Cash chatting with organizer Dan Milford-Warren



Neighbours Tash, MP Cash, and Judy



MPP Jonah Schein with neighbours Tash and Judy cleaning up Margueretta St


Thank you also to provincial liberal nominee Cristina Martins and staffer Meagan Coker for participating and taking the time to get to know us.


Provincial Liberal nominee Cristina Martins with community member Paul


Thank you to Toronto City Council hopeful Jolene Hunt, one of the hardest working cleaners of the group!


Jolene with a friendly city waste collection crew loading the truck at the end of the clean up


And finally, thank you to all the friends, neighbours, and community members who came out, brought the kids, and supported this community effort!


Little Violet with uncle Kurt (taking the picture) singing their garbage pick up song!  Look for it on iTunes! 😉



Organizer Dan Milford-Warren with city collections staff



The fruits of our labour!


We look forward to our next event, a neighbourhood wide yard sale, coming up at the end of May, beginning of June (exact date TBD but likely May 31st or June 7th).

If you have any community event ideas that you would like to organize, please feel free to contact us with the details and we’d be happy to assist you!



The Bloordale Community Improvement Associastion (BCIA)





Bloordale Street Sale 2014 — Please Participate!